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What to do if the toner cartridge is wrong

Publish Time:2022-08-18

What to do if the toner cartridge is wrong

1. The printer cartridge is not installed correctly, it is recommended to take out the cartridge and reinstall the test;

2. There is a problem with the quality of the printer cartridge itself, it is recommended to replace with a new cartridge for testing;

3. The printer cartridge chip is damaged, you can contact after-sales to replace the cartridge chip to test;

4. The main control board of the printer is faulty, the hardware is faulty, it is recommended to contact the printer after-sales testing and replacement.


1. If it is a newly purchased product, please make sure that the blue tape inside and outside of the product has been removed.

2. Turn off the printer power, open the printer cover, and remove the printing paper or other obstructions from the paper path.

3. Check whether the ink cartridge compartment cover is tightly closed: Open the cartridge compartment cover, push the ink cartridge down until it locks in place (with a click sound), and close the ink cartridge compartment cover until it clicks.

4. Turn on the printer power again and check whether the status of the indicator light returns to normal.

5. Reinstall the printer driver to test.